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Connect with Customers
Simble gives partners deeper engagement with their customers, creating opportunities for partners to approach their customers with knowledge and advisory services backed by energy data.
Control Energy Consumption
Simble enables partners to deliver energy management solutions to their customers, empowering them to identify cost savings opportunities by
increasing energy efficiency. 
Using Simble's solutions, partners can deliver financially viable projects that help their customers experience greater value from their energy
efficiency upgrades.
Create a Sustainable World

How SimbleEnergy delivers value


The Problem

Australia’s manufacturing industry is one of the most energy-intensive in the world. Energy is a significant input to production and while the industry has historically benefited from low energy prices, businesses are now under enormous stress. A lack of investments in energy efficiency has left the sector vulnerable to sustained price increases.

The Goal

“ In line with our sustainable practices policy, we wanted to know where energy was being wasted and how we could operate our machinery more efficiently.” - Simon Whiteley, CEO


"The visibility we didn't expect"

The Result

“ So far we have reduced the average energy cost for 1 kg of plastic by 15%”

Simon Whiteley

CEO Corex Plastics

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