Energy Management Case Studies

Cities & Councils

Aquatic centres are large users of electricity due to the heating and water filtering/pumping requirements. Our customer wanted to upgrade the pool infrastructure, but needed a baseline to build their business case. SimbleSense gave them solid baseline data for building a business case to upgrade.

They collected 12 months of data and used this to make a business case to upgrade their outdoor pool filter and heater. The new heater is currently monitored, showing greater than 35% reduction in energy usage compared to the baseline.


A manufacturing customer recognised the need for greater visibility and proactive cost management of energy consumption at a granular level. They needed to know where energy was being consumed within their plant in order to minimise waste and clarify the proportional cost for shared resources.


SimbleSense allowed them to zero in on projects and get a detailed understanding of energy usage across the board. The platform helped establish and monitor benchmarks to ensure all components of the manufacturing process run as efficiently as possible. After reducing the cost of production by over 15%, the solution is now being used to budget for future projects, avoid bill shocks and enable cost effective equipment upgrades.

Large Bank

Offices are generally environments with a high energy consumption due to multiple factors such as occupation, comfort and lighting requirements. The inefficient use of energy, in particular lighting after hours and in stand by mode, presented a great opportunity for monitoring tools. 


Simble arranged the deployment and installation of Wattwatchers energy sub-meters & IoT devices to accurately monitor, visualise and analyse the energy consumption within the buildings. IoT devices and software technology helped the customer measure energy consumption, extract patterns and schedules and detect energy leaks. SimbleSense showed the customer a significant drop in energy consumption. Energy waste can be costly and is typically unnoticed due to lack of visibility and difficulties in ongoing monitoring and controlling, however the customer was able to take proactive steps and achieve 25% reduction in usage.

Energy Management Projects Explained

Councils & Cities
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