Sustainable Councils


Want to find out how
energy savings solutions can reduce
 energy spend by 15%?

The business case for energy efficient councils

Multiple sites & multiple energy bills increase risk of over paying for energy

Energy spend diverts budget away from positive capital and operational investments 

Bills lack specific data around when and where energy is being consumed

Energy spend diverts budget away from positive capital and operational investments 

How Simble can make your council energy efficient

Simble turns data into insights and helps shape sustainable cities. 

Measure & verify your energy usage. 

We'll confirm that you’re not paying more than you should for energy by engaging deeper with your energy costs and identifying outliers. We'll take control of how much you pay for energy. 

Monitor & control your energy usage.  

We use data to help you respond to ever changing energy needs. Slight behavioural changes or operational upgrades will prevent energy waste.

We’ll optimise performance across your organisation. 

Diagnose & plan your

energy usage.  

Our data will provide visibility into your energy usage that you won't expect. Solar projects; 

timers & switching, remote control and tariff control are just some of the ways we empower organisations to mitigate rising energy costs.   We’ll use data driven insights to help shape a sustainable community.

Key outcomes of our Projects

We deliver environmental benefits whilst simultaneously achieving financial returns. This is our core value proposition.

Carbon Accreditation

  • Carbon Neutral & Accredited.

  • With data to prove this.

Energy Savings

  • Redirect budget towards positive capital upgrades & operational enhancements.

Brand Enhancement

  • Improved brand reputation

  • Establish a reputation for your city as a pioneer of energy efficiency

Want to find out how
energy efficiency solutions can deliver
 energy savings of up to 15%?
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