NSW Energy Efficiency Grants for Manufacturers

Is your business paying too much for energy? When was the last time you upgraded your equipment? 

Did you know you may be eligible for up to $50,000 funding to install or upgrade energy monitoring systems to your site?

Simble is Australia's leading provider of energy efficiency technology, delivering turnkey solutions to help NSW manufacturers reduce energy costs and take advantage of government grants.


The SimbleEnergy Platform will empower your business, reduce energy waste and strip out unnecessary costs. 

Overview of the available grants

Basic Energy Efficiency Upgrades
$30k matched
Metering & Process Optimisation
$50k matched

Why We're Great >

Large Energy Efficiency
$70k matched
Installation & Reporting

What does the grant cover?

Simble's out of the Box Energy Savings Package,  including Hardware, Software, a complete installation, site assessment, and on-going support

Find out how Corex Plastics saves $200/day with our solution 

Understand Energy Costs
Energy Efficiency

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Energy Usage

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