A carbon emissions reporting tool to simplify data collection and optimise performance management

Audit, Report, Comply

Carbon Reporting
made easy

CarbonView is a single database for all sustainability data in your organisation enabling you to monitor and analyse your Carbon Footprint with confidence.

Help shape a sustainable world

Capture all energy and resource data to generate insightful reports with advanced analytics and identify opportunities to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. 

  • Single database showing consolidated sustainability data

  • Manage multiple sites in multiple locations both nationally and internationally

  • International standards including  GHG Protocol, NGERS, DEFRA

  • Automate data entry from utilities

  • Apply a systematic best practice approach to checking and validating bills

  • Gain insights and identify abatement opportunities

  • Prepare budgets, allocate costs and analyse utility procurement

  • Demonstrate the impact of energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives

  • Help employees understand the impact of their resource use

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